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Transform higher education access by empowering students to achieve their goals with personalized, high-quality education resources

Our Story

AlgoEd stands at the forefront of revolutionizing university admissions guidance. By harnessing the power of big data and artificial intelligence, we offer unparalleled, personalized admissions assistance to students and schools worldwide, free of charge. 

AlgoEd is not ChatGPT, offering a more effective and personalized learning experience. Crafted through years of research, it has been successfully tested and proven beneficial for thousands of students.

The Founders: Liz and Brian

Our story began at a world top 10 International Baccalaureate high school. Liz was an experienced counselor who successfully guided students from various financial backgrounds to top universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and MIT. Among her protégés was Brian, a student with a keen interest in technology ready to make his mark.

Liz and Brian observed a critical gap in the admissions process. Many talented students, brimming with potential, missed opportunities to pursue their dream universities due to insufficient counseling or financial constraints. They witnessed firsthand how the lack of awareness about scholarships and financial resources hindered capable students from reaching their dream institutions. This realization sparked a deep desire in Liz and Brian to democratize access to quality admissions guidance, ensuring that potential is never lost due to lack of information or resources.

Inspired by a shared vision to make quality university admissions guidance accessible to all, Liz and Brian co-founded AlgoEd.

Our Approach

Personalized and Accessible Guidance

At AlgoEd, we use technology to offer tailored guidance to students worldwide, helping them navigate the complexities of university admissions. 

Our platform is designed to be an accessible resource for students and schools, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to pursue their educational goals.

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We invite you to explore AlgoEd. We are committed to empowering every student to achieve their education aspirations.

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