University of Pennsylvania’s


Business Case Competition

For Middle and High School Students

Late Registration Deadline
Aug 22, 2024
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About PennSEM

The Penn Social Entrepreneurship Movement (PennSEM) is a community of innovators, consultants, and entrepreneurs based out of the University of Pennsylvania and dedicated to social impact. Our passion for sustainable change drives us to build new social enterprises, support existing ones through pro-bono consulting services, and grow the movement across campus and beyond. Through initiatives like this competition, PennSEM demonstrates its dedication to educational outreach and mentorship

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Shine at the PennSEM Business Case Challenge!

Calling all secondary school students! Dive into the exciting world of business consulting to demonstrate your strategic thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills in a competitive environment.

This isn't just a competition; it's a journey into the heart of real-world business challenges. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your analytical skills or aspire to study business in university, this challenge is your platform to shine and gain experience.

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Why Join the PennSEM Business Case Competition?

Build your profile

Gain valuable experience to help you stand out in your internship and university applications.

Showcase your Skills

Bring your innovative ideas and strategic insights to solve business cases.

Compete and Collaborate

Work alongside peers who are just as driven and ambitious as you are.

How does the competition work?

Competition Structure and Details

Team size
2-5 Students per team
(all team members must be from the same school).
What do teams need to do?
In the preliminary round, teams will have two weeks to come up with solution(s) to a business problem. The solution should be presented in a 8-10 page PowerPoint presentation.

PennSEM will provide a mock case for students to practice. PennSEM will also provide a document with questions and points of consideration to guide competitors.
Junior Group
Grade: 6-8 (Year 7-9)
Senior Group
Grade: 9-12 (Year 10-13)

Key Dates and Deadline

Participation Deadlines and Fees

Regular Deadline

Deadline: Jul 15, 2024

Fees: US$65 per student

Late Deadline

Deadline: Aug 22, 2024

Fees: US$85 per student

Fee waiver is available for individual low-income students. Please ask your school counselor or principal to send an email titled 'Fee Waiver Request' to with 1) your team name and 2) your email address and confirm you need a waiver.
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Competition format

Preliminary Round: All Participants

Description: This initial phase is open to all registered teams worldwide.

Format: Written solutions

Case Release: Aug 23, 2024

Deadline: Sep 9, 2024

Semi-Final Round: Top 16 teams

Description: The top 16 performing teams will advance to the semi-final round. These teams will work on a new case study, reflecting a higher level of complexity and requiring deeper insights.

Format: Written Solution + Video Presentation

Final Round: Top 5 teams

Description: The top 5 performing team will be invited to compete in the global final round.

Format: Live Zoom presentation to a panel of judges

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All participants will be awarded a certificate of participation.
Preliminary Round
Country + Regional Awards
1st Runner Up
2nd Runner Up
Honor: Top 10%
Merit: Top 25% Solution
Special Awards
Most Innovative
Most Sustainable
Semi-Final Round
Special Awards
Most Innovative
Most Sustainable
Final Round
Global Awards
Global Champion
Global 1st Runner Up
Global 2nd Runner Up
Special Awards
Most Innovative
Most Sustainable

Join the Challenge

This competition is more than a contest; it's a gateway to the world of business consulting.

Register now to begin your journey into the fascinating world of business strategy and problem-solving.

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