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How our program works

01. Receive a personalized action plan

What is the action plan?

  • The action plan will tell you what you need to do each week to achieve the best results in your application process

02. Fill in evaluation forms to tell us about yourself

How will you be evaluated?

  • When you first come on board, you will complete a personality test, fill in your academic record, tell us more about your academic and supercurricular interests, and share with us your university plans and expectations

What will your information be used for?

  • It will help us understand your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and goals
  • It will form the foundation of our advice to you

03. Develop strong academic and supercurricular profiles

The single most important factor for UK university admissions is your academic passion for, and potential in, the course you are applying to

How do you demonstrate it?

  • Your academic passion and potential are shown through the courses you choose to take and how well you do in them, as well as the academic-related activities you are involved in outside of the classroom

How does AlgoEd help?

  • Step-by-step program: break down what you need to do academically, both inside and outside the classroom, in order to make you the most competitive candidate for admission
  • Personalized advice: if you are on our coach-guided plan, our admissions experts will give you personalized advice on how to receive an admissions offer to your dream universities

04. Strategize which universities and course(s) to apply to

University admissions is all about strategy

How does AlgoEd help?

  • Step-by-step program: we will teach you to use university-subject combinations to optimize your admission chances
  • Personalized advice: if you are on our coach-guided plan, our admissions experts will advise you on which course to apply to, and where, for the best results that align with your goals

05. Admission test preparation

If you are applying to study medicine, veterinary medicine, or dentistry, or if you’re applying to most courses at either Oxford or Cambridge, you will need to take an admission test. The results from that test are a crucial factor in whether or not you can proceed to the next step of the admissions process.

How does AlgoEd help?

  • One of the components in these tests is critical thinking questions, something not directly covered in your school coursework. We have built an extensive database of critical thinking questions from past papers to prepare you for this important piece of the test.

06. Execute your application

How does AlgoEd help?

  • Step-by-step program: we will guide you on how to write powerful personal statements
  • Personalized advice: if you are on our coach-guided plan, our writing experts will coach you to develop your personal statement

07. Ace your interviews

Interviews are one of the most important admission factors at some universities (including Oxford and Cambridge).

How does AlgoEd help?

  • We will equip you with essential skills for tackling interviews, including interview format, how to handle difficult questions, and what kind of answers interviewers look for

What’s included?

Assigned coach (Coach-guided plan only)

We will assign a coach to support you and make sure that you are “on track” throughout the admissions process. Your coach will answer your questions and concerns, remind you of all important deadlines, and make sure you are on the path to success.

Personalized advice & feedback (Coach-guided plan only)

Our admissions experts will give you detailed recommendations and feedback on all areas of the application process. All recommendations, advice, and feedback will be delivered in written format, so you will be able to access the materials at any time you would like.

Our personalized recommendations will cover:

  1. Academic curriculum and course choice
  2. Supercurricular activity choice
  3. University application strategies and university choice
  4. Selecting the best possible teachers to write your recommendations

We will give you detailed feedback on:

  1. Your personal statement
  2. The rest of your application

Live group sessions

Join one of our online group counseling sessions to learn more about admissions tips and tricks and ask us questions you may have.

One-on-one sessions (Add-on)

We designed our program so you won’t need one-on-one counseling sessions. But if you have a strong preference, you can book a 45-minute one-on-one session with one of our admissions experts. We charge each time you book a session.

Admissions test question bank

One of the components in admission tests is critical thinking questions, something not directly covered in your school coursework. Spend 5-10 minutes each week practicing on our extensive critical thinking question bank and you’ll be well-prepared for this important part of your application!

Pre-recorded lessons and quizzes

Our years of experience and knowledge have been condensed into easy-to-understand, 5-minute videos. These are designed to help you understand what admission committees look for and how to become a more competitive candidate to your dream schools.

Guided Tasks

Our guided tasks simplify the complicated admissions process into actionable steps. We will guide you to execute your goals one step at a time.

Ask us questions

Ask us any admission-related questions. We will record a video with the answer and send it to you or just email you back!

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