Our Mission

Empower students to achieve their aspirations by offering personalized, high-quality, and affordable university admissions guidance.

Our Story

As a former high school university counselor, our co-founder Liz was dedicated to supporting students from diverse backgrounds. Through her strategy-driven approach, she was able to successfully guide students to gain admission to renowned universities such as Columbia, Harvard, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Liz's proudest moments came from providing students from all financial backgrounds with access to premier education opportunities. This inspired her to start AlgoEd, with a clear mission: to offer personalized, high-quality, and affordable university guidance to all students, empowering them to realize their aspirations.

How we achieve our mission

Web Native

We leverage technology to strengthen and streamline the traditional guidance process.

Flipped Classroom Model

  • Students learn about university preparation and admission at their own pace through pre-recorded lessons and guided tasks.
  • Students then connect with our experts during live Zoom sessions to ask questions and participate in discussions.

Big data & AI powered databases & search tools

  • Our proprietary database, containing over 50,000 successful university profiles, powers customized strategies for each student to gain admission to top universities.
  • Our purpose-designed university research tool enables students to find the right fit universities and subjects.
  • Our proprietary scholarship database matches students with relevant scholarship opportunities.

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