Our Approach


Our experts have seen time and time again how students would have achieved better results in their application process if they had more strategically chosen courses and engaged in extracurricular activities throughout their time in high school. 

That's why AlgoEd’s guidance programs begin as early as Grade 7. You may be wondering if Grade 7 is too early for university preparation. We want to assure you that everything you do from Grade 9 onwards will be included in your university application. Plus, our one-off payment option allows you to pay the same price whether you join the program in 7th or 11th grade. The earlier you join, the earlier you can take advantage of the program.


Traditionally, university counselors' advice to students is limited by the small pool of examples they had experience with. At AlgoEd, we've changed that by creating a database of over 50,000 student profiles from top universities. With this vast amount of data, we can offer you customized recommendations based on successful student profiles similar to yours. Our data analysis takes into account your academic and extracurricular choices, giving you a clear picture of where you stand in comparison to others.


We offer comprehensive support throughout the admission process, covering all key preparation areas, including curriculum and course selection, standardized tests, UK admissions tests, extracurricular and supercurricular activities, summer activities, and application essays. Our guidance ensures you are well-equipped for a successful admission outcome.

Preparation for, and execution of, the university application is a process of self-improvement and self-discovery. We look forward to being on this journey with you and growing with you!  

Start your journey to your dream university today!