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Up to 60% of the applicants qualify for admission on academic basis alone, but less than 10% of applicants are admitted.

How Does The Essay Editing Service Work?

Step 1
Press the ‘Request New Edit’ button and submit your activity list
Step 2
After 72 Hours
Step 3
AlgoEd returns the edited essay to you through our platform
What Feedback Will you Get?

Our feedback aims to make your application essays powerful and memorable. Depending on your writing, our writing coaches will comment on some or all of the following.

Does your topic have potential to develop into a powerful application essay?
Is the current structure effective in delivering what you want to say? How to make it more effective?
Do you have an effective hook? Are there details that should be added or cut out?
Are there cliches, inappropriate word choices, problematic sentence structures, run-on sentences, tense inconsistencies?
Still Not Sure What Our Coaches Would Do?
Take a look at a sample.
Who Are AlgoEd Writing Coaches?
All of our writing coaches are
Native English speakers
Hold at least a bachelor's degree in English or Literature
Have worked in university writing centers where they edit university students' work
350 Words or less
US $99
550 Words or less
US $119
750 Words or less
US $129